About Us

A journey spanning over three generations and originating from the founders & pioneers of fabric in Lahore, Iznik is an upcoming ethnic wear brand for women using a fusion of niche style amalgamated in rich embellishments with pure threads of silk.

At Iznik, fashion is no longer a form of opulence in fact it has become an iconic empowerment tool for the modern woman. Women are adding massive value to society which creates the urge to providing them with classy ethnic wear in a style like never before. Iznik fashion will go onto be the lifestyle of modern women hence completing their mantra of being chic, classy, trendy yet elegant.

Using threads of pure silk, Iznik is making every collection exclusive, and every design unique. Ranging over a combination of cheerful colors, the vibrant palettes used in each collection make Iznik a completely fresh new choice for the modern women wardrobe. Embellishments on every Iznik design set all-new standards of embroidery quality among all ethnic wear brands. It is only because of top-notch quality in everything the outfit has to show, Iznik is emerging as the trendsetter in the embroidered pure silk collections out there.

Originality, uniqueness, and purity have placed Iznik in the dynamic horizon of fashion, style and persona. Easily available online and at selected stock lists, Iznik is rapidly growing its vast network of retailers to facilitate as many fashionistas and help them Be Bold!!